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Sophie Capito

Sports Therapy

Sophie Capito qualified in Clinical Sports Therapy in 2002. She works in 2 private clinics, all multi-disciplinary, and is lead therapist at Effingham & Leatherhead RFC as well as Surrey County Rugby. The years of working pitch side have given Sophie extensive knowledge on acute injuries. Since 2010 she is now trauma/immediate care trained by the RFU every year.

Sophie specialises in acute injuries, rehab for return to sport, and soft tissue work to help correct postural issues and relieve tension. She sees a wide variety of sports people to those that spend many hours in front of a computer and anyone inbetween!

Having spent over 13 years in Japan, as a child and as an adult, Sophie learnt to use soft tissue work to help relieve tension and Kinesiology tape for injuries she picked up playing hockey and squash. After returning from Japan it took Sophie a few years to pluck up the courage to study Sports Therapy but hasn't looked back since.

Clinic Hours:

Sophie works Wednesday mornings

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